Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the format of the book, e.g. make the photos bigger?

Unfortunately it's not possible to change the format of the book. It is a pre-set format and there's no way to change the layout or design of the pages.

It's intentionally a simple one-click process, designed to be a quick and easy way to get a printed book of your full trip without needing to spend lots of time creating the book. Pages are US Letter size and photos are printed 12 to a page, as shown in the example at

At the point of purchasing your book you will receive a preview PDF to check and approve, this will show exactly how the book will look before you send it for printing. You will have the opportunity to make changes to blog titles, text, photo captions etc, but it's not possible to alter the layout.

What content is included in the book, and can I choose which content I want included?

Your book will be a complete reflection of the all the blog entries and photos in your blog. The blog entries section comes first, printed chronologically, oldest first, and the photo albums section follows, also printed chronologically, oldest first.

The third section in the book is the 'Messages' section of your blog. All messages and comments are included here - those written on your message board plus comments on blog entries, photos and videos.

All the blog entries, photos, and messages in your account will be printed in the book. There is no facility to choose which content to include, however you can use our tool to copy partial content to a temporary account. This lets you choose a date range, and copies blogs & photos posted between those dates to a new account, to print a book of that content only.

What is the size of the printed journal book that you offer?

Pages are US Letter size and photos are printed 12 to a page, as shown in the example at

I've paid for my printed book and there are missing photos or other issues with my preview PDF. How can I fix this?

If there are problems like missing images or faulty text in your book preview PDF, it's important that you contact us on [email protected] before you approve the book for printing. We should be able to fix any faults for you.

If you just want to change the text (e.g. to fix spelling mistakes or add photo captions), you can just edit your blog entries in the normal way by going to the blog entry and clicking or add extra blog entries by clicking or edit photo captions by going to the album and clicking .

When you've finished, click the 'Re-generate PDF' button to re-create your book preview.

I've ordered a book but can't upload a cover photo. There's no button?

Book cover photos are uploaded once the book has been paid for.

The uploader for book cover photos requires Adobe Flash to work. If you aren't seeing the button then please enable Adobe Flash. Otherwise click the link for the 'Alternative Uploader' and you should be able to upload a photo OK.

If you still have difficulty, email us at [email protected] attaching the photo you want on the cover, and we will add it for you.

Please make sure the photo is landscape format and high resolution - at least 1600 pixels wide - to make sure it is crisp and clear on the front cover.

I've received my printed book and there are problems with it. What can I do?

As long as the problem in the book you've received is not present in the preview PDF that you checked and approved before the book was printed, we will be able to raise this with the printers and get you a new book printed free of charge.

Unfortunately if the problem existed in the preview we won't be able to do anything, as it's important that previews are checked carefully before being sent for printing since we can't make any changes afterwards, as stated on the book order page.

If the problem doesn't exist in the PDF please contact us at [email protected] including a photo of the problem and we'll arrange to get you a re-print as soon a possible.

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