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It has been proven that mobile apps can increase your customer base and open a new channel of communication with your existing customers. Having an app available on the App Store means that a new generation of potential customers can find and interact with your brand. An app gives people a new, convenient way to contact you, explore your products & services, and make purchases.

Bespoke development to meet your needs

Off Exploring's experienced development team can rapidly build an app to suit your specification. A wide range of travel-based apps can be built upon our existing platform of re-usable components, enabling considerable savings in development costs compared with a complete development from the ground up. And our team can build for iPhone, Android, or mobile web.

Location Based Services

Modern smartphones offer powerful geo-location features, and you can take advantage of these by offering your customers relevant products and services near to where they are now.

Social Networking

Exploit the power of your customer's existing social networks by enabling them to post updates to them directly from within your app, boosting your brand recognition and driving traffic to your website.

Mobile Bookings & Payments

Check availability, take bookings, and accept payment, directly within the mobile app, maximising the ways your customers can buy from you and driving increased sales.

Quick Start Solution: Mobilise your Existing Website

If you are looking for the fastest possible route into the world of mobile without a significant up-front investment, Off Exploring can help you achieve this by turning your existing website into a 'lite' mobile app. This gives you an app that is downloadable from the App Store, but all content is delivered directly from your current website. We layer a mobile-friendly skin over the site so your customers get a seamless mobile experience - but without the need for any technical redevelopment. This is a cost-effective and simple way to launch an app & start getting feedback from your customers, while you build your longer-term mobile strategy.

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Travolution Awards 2010

Case Study

Off Exploring Travel Blog App

Winner of 'Best Use of Social Media' award, Travolution Awards 07 & 08

Off Exploring's consumer website allows travellers to share their experiences and keep in touch with friends through an online travel journal that builds into a permanent record of their trip, with photos and videos from each location.

The launch of the accompanying iPhone app means users can now write their blog on their mobile as they travel - even while offline - and sync when they next have an internet connection. And with free WiFi available in many hotels and hostels worldwide this means that using the app should cost nothing to use, avoiding data roaming charges.

The app launched in June 2010. It allows travellers to rapidly register an account via the device and post photos and videos to their blog on the move. Full advantage is taken of the in-built location services of the device, with GPS being used to identify the user's current position and tag blog entries & photos accordingly. The app also recommends budget accommodation nearby, with a simple booking process within the app which takes a credit card deposit. Future versions will include tours & attractions also.

In the short time the app has been available it has already proved very popular, with users commenting on its ease of use, valuing the fact that the design follows standard iPhone interface guidelines making it instantly familiar and intuitive. It has caused a huge positive impact on site usage figures, with four times the number of users signing up for an account on OffExploring.com than before the app was launched, and a 21% increase in visitors to the website.

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